by Jacob Jaeger

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The first album from Texas singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Jacob Alan Jaeger. Please enjoy loudly.


released April 1, 2015

Jacob Jaeger - vocals, guitars, harmonica & percussion
James Gwyn - harmony vocals & drums
Kristopher Wade - bass



all rights reserved


Jacob Jaeger Austin, Texas

From Angleton, Texas; in Austin, Texas.

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Track Name: I Told You So
but you wouldn't let it go...
Track Name: Where The Stars Call Home
I’ve SUNG how to be alone, I’ve SUNG WHERE THE STARS CALL HOME. IN-BETWEEN I made the time for careless love, I’ve sung the RHYME. FOR YOU, I sit and pine. Good timing pals, they’re all behind. Venturing off to god-knows-where, meet that castle in the air. Wrestled angels on the hill, drank with demons from the still. Lived the life: an EMPTY GLASS. Tear-stained poet of the past. WISHING WELLS I drank from deep, until no longer did I weep. REFLECTING beauty to behold, slipped into the waters cold. Woke up rolled and on my own, set to reap just what I’d sown. Found my keys and made my flight, rushed off to that gentle NIGHT. Where I saw how to be alone, I saw WHERE THE STARS CALL HOME. INBETWEEN I bottle time, that faithful WINE that I call mine.

…or so the STORY’S told. Young fella bound, nobody knows. And oh, the IN-BETWEENS, foundation screams.
Track Name: Coastal Texas
Wonderful is the word, I watched you sing until it hurt. And taken back from your spell, lift my head toward a WISHING WELL. And though I climb so slow my ladder, I’d rather take the time. Slow-bloomer from COASTAL TEXAS waiting for my RHYME. Even I open up, pull my lip from that EMPTY CUP. So nod your head, it’s time for bed. Flattery was all she read.
Track Name: For You
Lately I’ve been burning FOR YOU. Keep my CANDLE LIT FOR YOU. Lately I’ve been dreaming of you. See my doorway's swept FOR YOU, just like I TOLD YOU I would. If you’re late, I’ll wait.
Track Name: Things Just Ain't The Way They Used To Be
The more I gave the less you got. I tried so hard to be FAITHFUL, sorry. I’s bored, I guess. And THINGS JUST AIN’T THE WAY THEY USED TO BE.
Track Name: Wineskin
Shone the shore, cargo was lost in-tow. Lo! the tide swept in the leagues he’d rowed. To the port weary and worn he slogged, ailments sought WINE, so BLUE the fog. Cobbled paths that spoke with baited breathe, come-hither stare from amber LAMPS. Tavern bare lone sat a silent STOOL, CANDLE LIT for one forlorn fool. Careless thoughts that drove the thinker mad, commissary sent: a wayward lad. Hands exchanged with salutations spared, WINESKIN withdrawn, a drink they shared. Tales they told of battles lost and won, women of the night, and SONGS were SUNG. Evening wrought ’til sun shown fiery red, nightcaps were poured, the WINESKIN BLED. "HE ASKED AND HE RECEIVED."
Track Name: Paper Peace
Gotta do something with all this time. Fruit’ll go rotten if not picked from the vine. Wanna be someone INBETWEEN. Stick is getting restless, can’t switch midstream. Stock and store memory, guitars and pen. Cadillac boot cream, hustlin and SIN. Passing out flyers to closed doors. Shakin-hand stranger spilt BLOOD on the floor. Calling on the night wolf, howling with the pack. Stumbled upon a graveyard and harmonica rack. Swimming in a WISHING WELL: cattleman’s crease. Wearing wants like diamonds, finding PAPER PEACE. MIRROR, MIRROR on the wall, tell me true. This really my REFLECTION or am I REFLECTING you? The HOLIEST of HOLIES, "SEEK AND YE SHALL FIND.” Quote that ol’ RAVEN, the PEDESTAL and I.
Track Name: Golden Gallop
I wrote that letter FOR YOU, still can’t ask you to do what I would not do FOR YOU. 'Cause that smile on your face, bathes the SINNING disgrace that’s me. I stole a photo of you, kept by my LANTERN of BLUE, hung ‘bove the bed in plain view. Where only I’m left to stare, wrap my face round your hair then scream. I told a STORY about you, and all the things that you do when I’m around home with you. The GOLDEN GALLOP of your SONG, the one that plays all NIGHT long in me.
Track Name: If I Ever Said, "I Told You So," I'm Sorry
If I ever said, “I TOLD YA SO,” I’m sorry.